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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Okay I am back from my weekend golf trip and i did survive. we didn't win the tourney but i probably played better than my dad did so he didn't beat me with a golf club. anyway, the night before i and someone else were forced to baby-sit two little kids, so i spent the whole night watching powerpuff girls and spongebob squarepants, I never was a big cartoon person so it was a long night. then when the adults got home at one in the morning, they all snore so i didn't get to sleep until like three o clock, and i had to get up at 7:30 and go to breakfast the next morning.

anyway, i got home and went teepeeing with my friends until two sunday night, so i was so frickin' tired yesterday and i had to help my brother move furniture around. so today i'm just resting. oh yeah, i was watching RAW last night and saw one of the funniest things on that show that i've ever seen. i always thought it was hella dumb for goldberg to have to be called out of his dressing room when his match started, but last night when his music played and the guy knocked on his door and yelled "It's time." Goldberg came flying out the door and if u look inside, he came out of a storage closet. seriously one of the funniest things i've seen in a long time.

going to take a nap now.
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Thursday, August 07, 2003

Ok, so I've decided not to update this everyday, like u might have noticed. I am going to write about once or twice a week.

So over the last few days, not a lot has happened. I'm not supposed to go where I was working/volunteering this summer, because I really wasn't supposed to at all, but the manager there didn't care. but now the property has a new manager who is like really by-the-book and all, and my brother can't convince her to let me come help. it really pisses me off too, cuz it's not like i'm hurting them all I did was help my brother with work orders, deliver notices and anything else that they needed. oh well, i guess i'm back to a summer of doing absolutely nothing.

So since then, I haven't really done much. I went to the movies couple days ago, saw tomb raider. seriously, neither one of the two were very good, I guess it's hard to make a movie off of that game without it looking hella dumb, but i still think with better direction it coulda been hella better. i just beat Angel of Darkness too, i thought it was pretty cool, but it was pretty easy and the ending was the dumbest thing ever.

i watched a couple movies on cable. one was panic room, a lot of ppl told me it was bad, but i liked it, i thought it had a cool story and it wasn't so farfetched it was stupid. i thought the whole thing with the daughter's disease was a little much tho. Also watched the ghost and the darkness yesterday. that movie was hella cool, its a true story about two lions who kill over a hundred ppl in africa during a building of a bridge in the 18th century. seriously, its an adventure movie but has it's scary moments, the thing about these lions were that they hunted and killed for pleasure, the only animals ever to do that. Val Kilmer did a very good job as the bridge enginneer and man set on killing the animals and Micheal Douglas did well as the hunter who is hired to do it. Very exciting and psychological story with very good writing and direction.

Finally, i've gone to the driving range a couple times lately trying to figure out how to hit irons again. btw, so pissed at my dad, we have a tournament coming up this weekend that we always play in, and after four years we haven't won. he takes it so seriously, he is constantly reminding me how much he wants to win. its so annoying because it's only a friendly tournament that my dad's friend organizes every year and my dad takes it so seriously which hella makes me mad. he'll probably start beating me if i miss a putt sunday, so if i never come back this weekend, investigate my dad.
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Sunday, August 03, 2003

okay this will be an update of the last two days.

Friday ~ Today, exemplifies how much of a huge Cubs fan I am and how much of a complete loser I am. Today, the Cubs played a grueling game of baseball against the Arizona Diamondbacks. The game went along into the fourteenth inning, before the Cubs won the game with a Sac Fly/single (Mondesi didn't really try) to give the Cubs a 4-3 victory. However I should say that at the beginning of the seventh inning the delayed the game for 3 hours and 2 minutes, then once they started again it went into extra innings, making the total time of game 8 hours and 42 minutes. During this time I sat and watched the play-by-play on the Internet for this entire time, I never left the room and just sat there for almost nine hours. This just goes to show how much I don't have a life, but the good news is, the Cubs won, so it was worth it.

Saturday ~ Okay, after yesterday's exciting day, I actually did something. I played golf today with my dad and one of his friends. Only problem was the course was in Carmel, we drove two hours just to play golf, I thought that was hella dumb, but my dad insisted we keep our tee time. So we leave at like eight, get there around ten, and tee off at 11. I really struggled early, never really hit any really bad shots, but I definetly could have been better, really putted poorly. Anyway towards the end of the round I was doing a little better but I really screwed up this one hole where I shoulda had a par and ended up having two horrible chips and got a double bogey. So at the next tee, I was like screw it, I'm just gonna hit it as hard as a can, so I pull out the driver at slam one at least 265 yards, one of my longest ever, only I hit it dead right and it flew over the fairway next to ours, that's how bad I hit this ball. But at the end of the day I finished with back-to-back pars and finished with a 97, about my average. Then we play some cards and drove home, another two hours. I just went to sleep cuz my dad pissed me off for some reason. Then we got home I just went to bed pretty early.
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