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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Ok, i haven't updated in a really long time so i will chronologically fill you in on what i have done since the last entry.

~ Fell jumping over a bush and screwed up my ankle.

~ School began and I spent the first two weeks on crutches

~ Went to movies. Saw S.W.A.T. Better than i thought it would be.

~ Got off crutches and began wearing aircast

~ Took first AP tests of my life, two B's.

~ Went to movies again. Saw Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Pretty cool but
Desperado was better.

~ Mourned (and still mourning) the death of the late Johnny Cash.

~ Got first AP Psychology test back, did very poorly.

~ Went on Senior Picnic. boring for the most part, but playing Texas Hold'em was
cool. Truly believe the best ride there is the "Lazy River".

~ Wrote this blog.

There now that you are updated, I will try to add entries more times

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